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  Virtuoso Traveler - The New Wave

Water, it has been said, is our planet’s most valuable resource. Without it, life as we know it – and so many of our favorite travel experiences – would cease to exist. That’s why we’ve devoted our latest issue of Virtuoso Traveler to celebrating all things H20. Hang ten on surfing-based adventures, raise a toast on chic floating bars, find stylish swimwear for the whole family, and learn how responsible travel providers are working to protect the world’s great waterways. Also inside: We’ll show you how to explore crowd-free Venice (hint: It involves a vintage yacht), where to find the best beaches (and flavors of homemade ice cream) on Cape Cod, and why it’s time to look at cruising in a whole new light (explorations via submarine and onboard cooking classes with celebrated chefs, anyone?).

A Floating Feast
The recipe for an Epicurean cruise in Central America? Take one James Beard nominated chef, steep in the culinary scene at ports of call, and serve with a side of locally sourced coffee and chocolate.

The New Wave
Thirteen experiences you didn’t know you could have on a cruise.

Cape Escape
How to turn Cape Cod into your family’s own private playground – even in high summer.

British Columbia: City Stay or Island Idyll?
Canada’s westernmost province deals in urban adventure and wilderness retreats.

Rivers Of Change
Responsible travel providers are working to ensure that river cruising’s rising tide truly lifts all.

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Virtuoso Life - The Hotel Issue


Hotels are more than merely a place to stay. They woo us not with details of their hotels, but instead with vivid descriptions of what we can do there. Hotels large and small now engage guests with ever-changing programs. The same movement is also happening with cruise lines and, in fact, transcends the travel industry as part of what’s called the experience economy, where businesses offer their clients memorable events – and the memory itself becomes the product. 

Staying Power
In large and small ways, hotels are making the world a better place.
World Cruising 101
Our guide to the ultimate at-sea adventure.

In The Clouds
City style, vibrant nature, and perhaps the world’s tastiest potatoes mark the trail to a higher calling in Peru.

The National Park No One Knows
Crowd-free outdoor adventure reigns in Grand Teton, the Serengeti of North America.

Hook, Line and Linger
A new tide of sustainable-seafood restaurants is rising across the country.

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